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THE INCREDIBLE EXISTENCE OF YOU is a modern romantic drama set against the fading American west. Book one journeys with “The Fighter” and McKenzie, each in their thirties and stuck aimlessly, but who will one day meet and wake each other’s hearts, pain, and purposes into existence.










McKenzie was staring at him. The Fighter’s hands were hidden in his pockets and the dog was leaning closely to his side. He gazed deep down into the valley and the sun bursted behind him with rays that kissed her face. 


He was strong and he was kind. He looked like a baseball player but could ride better than any cowboy she had ever known. He was mysterious, quiet, and yet after only a few days McKenzie felt like she had always known him. Especially through this boyish side she had now seen come to life when he was around Aiden. He was like her own two boys, guarded souls whom would only come out when provoked thoughtfully with playful joke, or with love. 


The Fighter’s pain was deep — much deeper than hers, and still, he selflessly cared about others. He cared deeply for Aiden and she saw it. And she knew now, what he meant to her. He told McKenzie that he was going to the Grand Canyon; the last place his fiancé wanted to see before she died. McKenzie had ran into him around town more than once now, and the more they spent time together in these three days, the harder it was for each of them to say goodbye. 


But now they were here, the sun setting before them, the light upon them, wondering in these last few moments together:  are there really second chances in life and love?


WGA: 1955824
Copyright 2020  SWANKY FLICKS LLC, all rights reserved.

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