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My life. 

My family, my experiences, my pain. People, places and things. Beating depression. Fighting suicide. Helping others beat it too. 

The spirit of Prescott, Arizona. The culture of this town. The love of my family, who showed us what family really means, just by spending time with them.

My Grandmother, who, even at 87 was depressed and took her own life. My Grandfather, who loved her fiercely till he was 92, then died of heartbreak, 30 days later. 

My Father, rest his soul, who loved cinema, literature, and Rock and Roll. Who I helped overcome suicidal thoughts. He died from a casualty of other illnesses, but relentlessly supported me to chase my dream and make movies. This film is that dream.

My mother, who taught me love — the greatest gift of my life.

My sister and my cousins, who continue to teach me love — through their spirits, their kindness, their family.

All my friends in the entertainment business and mental health advocacy who fight for recovery, education, and most importantly, LOVE.

Being stuck in Arizona for 3 weeks with my cousin, David The Photographer, because my car broke down and my cousins rescued me. We were rescued by my cousin who helped RAISE me as a boy when she was still just a little girl. Seeing how loving her and her husband are to their kids, and how they deeply desire to raise great young men.

My aunt Terri, who, like my mother, is a powerful, loving, incredibly intelligent woman.

My Step Dad, who is my second Dad, a true father to me and others and who also believes in second chances.

The people I know who passed by suicide. The people in pain. My friends, family, and loved ones. 

God. Because I believe God is love and love is God.

Love. Because it is the for reason for my existence.

Cinema. Because just like love, it has the power to change the times and its people.


Because I can’t do any of this without you.




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